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4 Things Every Woman Should Know About Doing A Boudoir Photography Session.

Florida Boudoir Photography by Bianca Ben

1) You Don’t Have To Be Photogenic Or Be A Certain Size, Age Or Shape.

Some of the top comments I hear from my clients in their consultation is… “I really want to do this, but I have to be honest… I am not photogenic / I need to lose some weight / I have never had a picture of myself that I love.”I’ve been doing this for over 10 years, so I know how true this feels for them and perhaps you too.

But, I also know when you see your images you are going to be so blown away by how beautiful you truly are from the inside-out! I guarantee my sessions 100% because I’m that positive you will not just love a few of your portraits, but ALL of them! Posing and coaching everyday women to bring out the supermodel in them is my specialty.

Being a supermodel may have been reserved for a select few in the past, but NOT anymore!! You too can have the most gorgeous portraits you have ever seen of yourself that will be magazine ready for any cover or centerfold! 

Every woman deserves this! Including YOU!

Florida Boudoir Photography by Bianca Ben

2) You Don’t HAVE To Wear Lingerie.

That’s right! You don’t have to wear lingerie to be sexy! Every Boudoir Photography Session I do is customized to each client and their specific style and personality.

You can wear a bodysuit, an off the shoulder sweater, a pencil skirt with just a bra and glasses, white sheets or even a sexy robe! All of these can look sexy and seductive in the right pose.

You can even customize it further and bring something that’s special to your significant other. Like one of his dress shirts and ties, his favorite t-shirt, a sports jersey from his favorite team or his fav baseball cap! The creative options are endless! You don’t have to be naked to be sexy!

3) Professional Hair & Make Up Is A Must

You might be tempted to save a few dollars by doing your own hair and makeup. I get it! This is an investment, but trust me, your session is not something you want to try and skimp on. Every little detail matters, including hair and makeup. This is why I have the top hair stylists and makeup artists on my team.

Not only will having your hair and makeup done on the day of your session enhance your experience and make you feel like a celebrity with an entourage getting you ready, but it will also give you more confidence! This will come through in your images and make them even more epic.

Also, photo makeup is actually a lot different than your everyday makeup. Our team has immense experience and knowledge on how to apply makeup for certain lighting, how to make your eyes stand out, your skin look flawless and customize makeup specifically for your skin type, face and eye shape, features, etc in camera.

Our team will make sure you are feeling sexy AF before we start your session!


4) Your Experience & Images Will Change You Forever.

The impact your experience and images will have on you will be long lasting and almost indescribable. You will finally see your gorgeous self, like how your friends, family and loved ones see you. This will leave you feeling on top of the world, empowered and proud of yourself inside and out. 

I can’t tell you how many tears of joy have slid down cheeks, squeals of excitement, fist pumps into the air, hands covering speechless mouths and jaw dropping shock my clients have had when they first see their images! It is these moments that make my heart so happy and grateful that I get to do this for a living. I get to change how women see themselves!

Not only will you have a life long memory of your experience, but you will have the most gorgeous portraits to constantly remind you of how beautiful you truly are. Not to mention the most epic gift that your significant other could never buy themselves! ;) 

Whether you keep your images on your phone to see them whenever you want (and/or to send to your special someone) or commemorate your experience with a custom heirloom album to gift your significant other, or even create a gorgeous wall art display... you will have a daily reminder of how fierce, gorgeous and sexy you are, whenever you need it!


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